Core Business
Incorporated in Switzerland in December 1999, Upgrade Solutions Ltd.'s (USL) mission is to provide quality product and services, combined with expert know-how and superior customer care experience when it comes to our core business: Mobile Broadband IT Infrastructure & related Components & Services.

Concept & Structure
Led by a small team of impassioned „Mobile Broadbanders“ and staunch believers in focus, USL consciously limits the scope of its trade activity to solutions that are strictly within its core competence.

Whilst strict theme focus is the basis for competence, it is USL's close partnerships with manufacturer partners which enables it, and brings it to flourish. For this reason, we team up very closely with our vendor & solution partners, making sure we always stay at the very forefront of the latest technology and product developments.

Consequently, in our own business, we see ourselves not just as „another distributor“, but as a genuine source for technology and product know-how, with excellent vendor contacts. Combined with our team’s well-known „spirit to help and solve“, USL has become a widely accredited solution partner in Mobile Broadband IT Infrastructure Business, specifically in projects related to the wide spectrum of M2M (Machine-to-Machine).

Channels & Customers
With the entire focus on helping to realise Mobile Broadband IT and M2M projects, USL gladly cooperates with local resellers or vertical specialists & integrators, wherever this is in the explicit end customer‘s or project’s interest.
Our Team will gladly accept to work directly with the applying end customer, if such end customer is an officially listed, reputable company, having its own knowledgeable IT project team, and if the project’s complexity clearly surpasses a level which allows for commercial intermediaries to add value.

Corporate Contact Detail
Upgrade Solutions Ltd. (USL)
Fabrikweg 93
CH-5033 Buchs / Switzerland

Phone +41 62 834 07 77
Fax +41 62 834 07 78